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Get the latest in-depth investment insights to invest like an expert.

  • Ad-lite, real-time coverage on domestic stocks.
  • Relevant analysis based on the stocks you follow and recent visits.
  • Unbiased technical and fundamental market research.

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Optimize portfolio risk and return

Get advanced portfolio analytics to generate optimal returns while managing risk.

  • Evaluate performance against industry benchmarks and personal goals.
  • Analyze fundamental portfolio characteristics over time and against the market.
  • Monitor risk and exposure metrics with risk analysis tools.

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View top bullish or bearish investment ideas, updated daily.

  • Identified using technical and fundamental analysis, back-tested for efficacy.
  • Patented pattern recognition algorithms.
  • Easily compare current price to the price target.

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Access additional indicators to analyze trends, compare data over time and gain technical analysis insights on advanced charts.

  • Interactive charts make it easy to evaluate and compare performance over custom time periods.
  • Plot events to inform your technical trading strategy.
  • Chart unique indicators including Yahoo visitors index, moving average and more.

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Premium content partnerships from the most trusted providers of financial data and analysis, including Argus Research, Refinitiv, TREA, Greenwich.HR, Trading Central, and Nasdaq.

Go beyond the fundamentals with Yahoo Finance Plus Essential

Access forecasts on the US economy, recommendations on sectors and indices, and objective investment research on hundreds of leading companies with in-depth reports and ratings

  • Unbiased, in-depth investment research.
  • Leading market and economic commentary, stock picks and Buy/Sell signals.
  • Individual company and overall sector level recommendations.

Open the Company Outlook to view detailed company profiles with a comprehensive view of powerful leading indicators.

  • Access differentiated views from detailed financial models and pattern recognition.
  • Analyze measures for innovation, hiring, insider sentiment, earnings, sustainability, significant developments, supply chain, dividends and operations.
  • Assess fair market value based on key value investing metrics.