How to play Squares Pick’em

Compete against friends in Squares Pick’em. You can play in a browser or the Yahoo Fantasy app. To play, make your picks before kickoff, then check back when the game starts to see which matching scores you need to win.

Create a group

In a browser:

  1. Go to Squares Pick‘em.
  2. Click Create a Group.
  3. Follow the prompts.
  4. Invite your friends.

From the Yahoo Fantasy Sports app:

  1. On the Dashboard page, tap Create Squares Group.
  2. Enter the Group Name and Commissioner Notes.
  3. Choose the Max Squares Per Player.
  4. Tap Create Squares Group.

Once a group is created, it's not possible to change the number of squares each player can select.

Invite your friends

Winning is more fun the more people you beat! Get the word out via email, a link, or sign up players directly using their Yahoo email address.

Filling up the board

To make a pick, tap the placeholder icon to pick a square. Tap the square again to release the pick.

Picks can be changed up until kickoff.

How scoring works

Each axis of the Squares Pick’em board represents a team. The X-axis is the home team, The Y-Axis is the visiting team. Each square represents a possible score for each team at the end of the quarter. Only the last number in the score matters to win the square. If your square matches any combination of scores where the last number for both teams aligns with your pick at the end of the quarter, you win!

Commissioner Features

Need to set up a group quickly? Commissioners can run a full Squares Pick’em using a single device. A commissioner enters the name and email address for each player using the Yahoo Fantasy app, then everyone can take turns selecting and assigning squares on the device.

Only the commissioner is required to login to Yahoo. If the commissioner collected emails, the results are sent to each participant after the live game ends.

Making picks for other users as Commissioner

  1. Tap the placeholder icon to pick a square.
    - You’ll get a picks saved confirmation.
  2. Tap Change/Add Player.
  3. Pass the device to a friend.
  4. Fill in the player details, tap Done.

The new player can enter their picks.