Yahoo Trade Review

Yahoo Trade Review is included with all Yahoo Fantasy Sports Pro Leagues and is designed to ensure trades are made with complete integrity.

About trade review

  • Yahoo Trade Review is included with Yahoo Fantasy Football and Baseball Pro Leagues
    • It's not available for purchase in Fantasy Hockey or Fantasy Basketball leagues.
  • If Trade Review is purchased, once any trade offer is accepted, the entire league will be notified so that all managers will have the opportunity to review the deal.
  • In a custom league, the league commissioner can set the review period to be anywhere between 1 and 7 days.
  • Commissioners may purchase trade review for their league from their sports Premium Add-Ons page

Protest a trade

  • If a manager feels that the deal is unfair, he/she can lodge an official protest with the Yahoo Sports League Office.
  • Every protest (which must contain a description of why the protesting manager feels the trade should be vetoed) will be reviewed by members of the Yahoo Sports staff following the 2-day review period.
  • As a result, it may take an additional day for your trade to process, since the Yahoo Sports League Office has a 24-hour period to review the trade and either accept or reject it after your league's review period.
  • Unlike the 1/3 of league members requirement for trade vetoes, only 1 manger protesting a trade will trigger a review by the Yahoo Sports League Office.
  • Any notes made by either manager involved in the trade, either when proposing or accepting the trade, will be included in the review process.
  • It isn't the purpose of the League Office to prevent coaches from making unwise trades, but rather to simply make sure that all coaches in a league are competing on a level and fair playing field.

  All decisions on trade protests are final. Explanations about why specific trades are approved or rejected won't be provided.

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