Fair play in Paid Fantasy games

Know your opponents

To let you know who you are playing against in our paid fantasy games - Daily Fantasy, Best Ball, Public Prize Leagues (formerly Pro Leagues) and Private Prize Leagues - we display an icons for users who are "veterans" or "super veterans."

For Public and Private Prize Leagues, you can find these icons on the Ratings and Levels screen accessed from the League Standings page in our mobile apps. On desktop click the Ratings and Levels tab on League Standings on your league home page. Best Ball leagues will display the icons next to user names in the league standings.

In Daily Fantasy you will see the icons next to user names in the "entry list." Additionally, Daily Fantasy offers "No Veterans" contests, which restrict Veterans from joining. Public and Private Prize Leagues do not offer "No Veterans" contests. When creating a Paid Fantasy account "No Veterans"  is set by default.

Players that meet any of the following criteria are considered Veterans:

  • More than 500 paid contest entries.
  • Won a single prize of $1,000 or greater 3 times.
  • Won a total of $2,500 or more and have payouts from more than 5 entries.
To learn about the criteria for players to be considered Super Veterans click here.

Daily Fantasy also provides "Rookie only" contests for users who've played less than 51 contests and meet none of the Veteran criteria.

Veteran or Super Veteran in a "No Veterans" contest? New Veterans and Super Veterans are crowned every night. If they already joined a "No Veterans" contest they'll be removed from the contest and will be unable to join new "No veterans" contests.

Determine your level of participation

We offer unique account controls to help manage deposit limits and regulate playing time.

Limited multi-entries in Yahoo Daily Fantasy

While we offer multi-entry contests, we've limited the amount of entries you can submit. For every 100 entries in a Daily Fantasy contest, you will never be able to submit more than 3 entries. Most of our biggest contests have a 10-entry max, with a select few increasing the limit to 150.

Scripting is prohibited in Yahoo Daily Fantasy

Yahoo doesn’t allow any type of scripting tool to upload or edit entries.

One account per contest in season-long paid fantasy

Yahoo allows one account per contest in Public Prize Leagues, Private Prize Leagues and Best Ball. Users are allowed to use more than one account for free private season-long fantasy leagues.