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Overview of Super Veterans in Yahoo Daily Fantasy

We've spent the offseason gathering extensive feedback from Yahoo Daily Fantasy users in an effort to restructure our existing Super Veterans designation. Classifying certain players as "Super Veterans," and limiting the types of contests they are eligible to enter will help keep Yahoo Daily Fantasy an enjoyable and exciting experience for everyone.

Super Veterans are designated as the heaviest volume users on Yahoo Daily Fantasy. This designation will be visible to other Yahoo Daily Fantasy players via a Super Veteran badge. Below, you'll find more details about which contests Super Veterans are eligible to participate in.

What can't Super Veterans do?

Like Veteran status, Super Veterans may not enter "Rookie only" or "No Veteran" contests. In addition, they are ineligible to enter any contests that have less than 101 total entries AND an entry fee less than $5.


  • Super Veterans cannot join a $3 100-Team 50/50
  • Super Veterans cannot join a $1 10-Team Group

What can Super Veterans do?

Super Veterans are allowed to join any contest that has 101 or more total entries. Super Veterans are allowed to join any contest that has an entry fee of $5 or more. If the contest has less than 101 entries, Super Veterans can only join if the entry fee is $5 or more.


  • Super Veterans can join a $5 100-Team 50/50
  • Super Veterans can join a $3 $5K Guaranteed contest (805 entries)

Yahoo Daily Fantasy remains committed to providing fans fair and engaging games, and we thank you for your continued support. Please contact us should you have any questions about these changes.