Yahoo Fantasy Sports draft types

Know your options! Commissioners, we offer 4 different fantasy draft formats for you to choose from.

Live standard

  • Every team selects one player per round until their roster is full.
  • The draft order reverses each round - the team that starts the first round will end the second and the team that ends the first round will start the second.
  • It's not possible to pick part of your draft live and auto-pick the remaining portion. If a manager leaves the live draft, the rest of their team will be selected using auto-pick.
  • Live standard drafts are ran the same way as our fantasy mock drafts.

Learn more about Live drafts.

Live auction

  • Teams use an auction budget to bid on players.
  • Teams take turns nominating players for auction and the team with the highest bid is awarded the player.
  • Auctions continue until every team's roster is filled. 

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We'll draft teams for your league based on either our default rankings or individual manager's pre-draft player rankings.

Once you set your league's draft status to Ready, your draft will happen within 72 hours.

Learn more about Auto-pick drafts.


Your league conducts its own player draft offline, standard or auction, and submits the results via our draft results entry page found in Commissioner Tools.

Learn more about Offline drafts.

  Pro League Drafts - These are held in "Live Standard" and "Live Auction" formats exclusively.