Participate in a Live Standard Draft

This common draft type lets each manager have a fair chance at filling their rosters with a good set of players. Everyone takes turns drafting any available player until all the rosters are full.

Draft pick order

The draft order reverses after each round so that the last manager to pick is the first to pick in the next round (1-12, 12-1, 1-12, etc). Each manager’s place in the order is randomly selected but can be customized in Private Leagues by their commish.

Join the draft early

We recommend you join the draft at least 10 minutes early. Once the draft begins, it can go very quickly if managers are missing.

  1. From Yahoo Fantasy, mouse over Fantasy | select a sport.
  2. Click the League tab.
  3. Click Enter Live Draft.

Draft players for your roster

The draft order on the left side lets you track who is up next. When it's your turn, a message appears above the draft order.

  • Time limit - You'll have 60 seconds (by default) to draft a player.
  • To draft a player - Select any undrafted player and click Draft at the top.
  • Queue desired players - Star players to queue them for your next draft turn.

Autopick takes over when you’re inactive or absent

If you don't draft a player within your time limit, leave the draft, or miss your draft entirely, an automated system will autopick players and fill your roster for you. You can prep for this by pre-ranking your most desired players.