Manage spam and mailing lists in Yahoo Mail

Getting unwanted emails or spam is frustrating. We automatically filter suspected spam messages, but if you're still getting overwhelmed with emails mark them as spam or unsubscribe from mailing lists.

Mark emails as Spam

  1. Select the spam email.
  2. Click Spam.
  3. Alternatively, click the down arrow next to Spam to provide info about the email:
  • Report Spam - unsolicited emails.
  • Report a Hacked Account - emails from a contact's account that aren't normal.
  • Report a Phishing Scam - emails that look like they're from a legitimate company, but are actually meant to scam personal info.
  • Not My Mail - emails that may be addressed to another person.

Mark emails as Not Spam

  1. Click on the Spam folder.
  2. Select the email.
  3. Click Not Spam at the top of the page.
    -The email will return to your Inbox.

Unsubscribe from mailing lists

At the bottom of any subscription based email there is an option to unsubscribe. If you're not sure the email is legit, mark it as spam.

Tips to avoid spam in the future

  • Don't reply to unknown senders.
  • Be careful who you give your email address to.
  • Never reply to email subscriptions asking to be removed.
  • Don't sign up with sites that claim to remove your email from spam lists. While some are legitimate, many are address collectors used by spammers.