Unsubscribe from Yahoo newsletters, special offers, and marketing emails

You can unsubscribe from most types of emails we send you, but you can't unsubscribe from notifications that keep you informed of changes to your account or Yahoo services. It can take up to 10 days to stop receiving Yahoo communications that you unsubscribe from.

You can unsubscribe from

  • Newsletters.
  • Special offers and marketing emails.
  • Yahoo Premium Services product updates.

You can't unsubscribe from

  • Updates on service outages.
  • Notifications of Privacy Policy changes.
  • Notifications of Terms of Service changes.
  • Notifications about a discontinued service.
  • Billing notifications, such as renewal and cancellation notices.
  • Welcome messages you receive when you sign up for a Yahoo product or service.

Stop receiving an email from Yahoo

  1. Open the email you'd like to unsubscribe from and scroll to the bottom.
  2. Click Unsubscribe.
    - A new window opens asking if you're sure you want to unsubscribe.
  3. Click Yes, Unsubscribe to confirm.

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