Introduction to Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football

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Indulge your fantasy with Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football!

All-new league homepage for easy access to everything

Your league's homepage is your dashboard for all of your league's vital information.

See a snapshot of everything -- league standings, future schedules, recent and pending league transactions, and notes from your commissioner -- all in one place.

Check out the tabs at the top of the page too -- they're your gateway to the rest of the game's features!

Easy, intuitive team management

The top-notch tools you expect from Yahoo are back this year (with a vengeance!) with more features than ever before.

It's your team, so take the reigns with the slick, auto-saving lineup editor and set your lineup days in advance. Adding, dropping, or trading players a cinch too. You'll even get to review all potential impacts of a trade before you propose or accept it.

And don't sleep on the in-line player notes or updates from Rotoworld -- You'll see those, plus the ability to track players on your watchlist, and get live stats and player rankings -- all on your team's homepage.

Unmatched player research tools

Don't waste your time or money on magazines and 3rd party "analysis."

Our research tools have everything you'll need to find those diamonds in the rough. Analyze player movement across all Fantasy Football leagues, get in-depth lineup analysis based on historical player performance, or read from our Yahoo Sports Fantasy Expert columnists to get the scoop from our insiders.

You'll be able to find everything about every NFL player -- they're all in the game!

Brand new drafting experience

Gone are the days of drafting on our schedule. Draft anytime and (with the mobile app) anywhere. Draft times are available around the clock, 24/7.

We've also improved the mock drafting experience. Make sure you get in some practice before the big day so you can knock your actual draft out of the park.

Faster, streamlined registration with a league type for everyone

Join or create a league in seconds! Just pick your preferred league preferences and you'll be set up in no time. No matter how you're looking to play the game, there's a league type out there for you to choose from:

  • Play in a Yahoo controlled Public League
  • Create or join a Custom League that uses your own, personalized league settings
  • Compete for big-time cash prizes in a Yahoo Pro League

For you private league commissioners, you don't need to share your league's password with everyone anymore. Now just copy and paste your league's invite link to share with anyone you want!

  Ready to get started? 
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