Report corrections to Yahoo Finance articles

Many of the news articles on Yahoo Finance come from publishers like AP and Reuters. Individual press releases are published by the issuing companies. Report corrections to the publishers. Report a correction to Yahoo Finance original content by emailing us directly.

Report a correction to Yahoo Finance original content

Email and include:

  • The name of the Yahoo original program you're reporting the correction for. If you're not sure, check the article or video byline.
  • The URL of the content in question.
  • A description of the inaccuracy you're reporting.

While we can't reply directly to all emails, we review every one.

Report a correction to content from another publisher

Find the publisher of an article and contact them.

  1. Find the publisher's byline on the news article or video. This is usually listed at the top of the content (like "AP" for "Associated Press").
  2. If the byline is a link, click it to go to the publisher's website.
  3. If you can't click the byline, find their website using Yahoo Search.
  4. Contact the publisher using the means provided on their website.