Overview of basic Yahoo Mail

Basic Yahoo Mail allows you to use a simpler version of Yahoo Mail when you can't use or don’t want to use the full-featured experience. You may be automatically switched based on your system preferences or you can choose to switch on your own.

Reasons you'll see basic Yahoo Mail

If your computer or browser settings don't meet these requirements, you may be automatically switched to basic Yahoo Mail for better performance.

  • Screen resolution - Yahoo is optimized for 1024x786 resolution.
  • JavaScript problems - JavaScript must be turned on to view Yahoo Mail.
  • Using an unsupported browser - Yahoo works best with updated and secure browsers.
  • Bandwidth - Using dial-up or a slow internet connection may cause errors loading the page.

Differences in basic and full-featured Yahoo Mail

Basic Yahoo Mail is a simplified version of Yahoo Mail and won't include some of the more complex features, such as:

  • Filters
  • Themes
  • Photo slideshows
  • Formatting toolbar
  • Drag and drop attachments or GIFs

Switch between basic and full-featured Yahoo Mail

Switch to basic Yahoo Mail

  1. Click the Settings icon Image of the Settings icon. | select More settings.
  2. Near the bottom left, click Switch to basic Mail.
  3. Click Switch to basic Mail again to confirm.

Switch to full-featured Yahoo Mail

  1. Click Switch to the newest Yahoo Mail in the upper-right corner.
  2. Clear your browser's cache.
  3. Restart the browser and return to Yahoo Mail.