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Navigate, compose, and send email with keyboard shortcuts in Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail supports assistive technologies like screen readers and can be used without a mouse. Two such screen readers are NVDA, which supports email clients and web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox; and JAWS which supports web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Edge.

While navigating the two versions of Yahoo Mail, full-featured and basic, it can be difficult to switch between versions.

Access all shortcuts by pressing shift+? on your keyboard.

General keyboard shortcuts

Navigate to the left tab [
Navigate to the right tab ]
Start a new email conversation N
Go to the inbox M
Go to Settings ;
Search S or /
Open extractions feedback Ctrl (CMD) + Shift + F

Keyboard shortcuts for actions

Mark as Read K
Mark as Unread Shift + K
Star L
Unstar Shift + L
Delete Del or  Backspace
Archive E
Restore to inbox Shift + E
Open Move menu D
Go to the previous message Left arrow
Go to the next message Right arrow
Reply R
Reply all A
Forward F
Print P
Open attachmet preview Shift + P