Navigate, compose, and send email with keyboard shortcuts in Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail supports assistive technologies and can be used without a mouse. The screen readers you can use include NVDA and JAWS in either Firefox or Internet Explorer.

While navigating the two versions of Yahoo Mail, Full-featured and Basic, it can be difficult to switch between versions.

Keyboard shortcuts for basic navigation

  • Press the "m" key to go to your Inbox; the focus will automatically be on the first message.
  • Press Tab (or Shift + Tab on a Mac) to move to the next section.
  • The left and right arrow keys move between toolbar buttons.
  • The up and down arrow keys move between list box items.

Keyboard shortcuts to compose and send an email

  1. Press the "n" key to create a new message; the focus will automatically be on the "To" field.
  2. Press Tab (or Shift + Tab on a Mac) to switch from "To," "CC," "Subject," and "Message body."
  3. Press Ctrl + Enter (CMD + Enter on a Mac) to send the message.