Fix mobile sign-in problems

  Keep in mind - When you're signing in, you don't need to include "" as part of your Yahoo ID.

Having trouble logging in to your Yahoo account from your mobile device? There are several things you can check to get signed in.

  1. Did you change your password recently? Make sure you update it on your mobile device too.
  2. Automatic capitalization? Check that your device isn't auto-capitalizing your Yahoo ID or password if it isn't supposed to.
  3. Password with special characters? Some devices have problems entering special characters. Try signing in using a desktop computer, then change your password.
  4. Clear your browser's cache and cookies - See your phone's support documentation for instructions, then try signing in again.
  5. Reboot your phone - Turn your the phone off, remove and reinsert the battery (once powered down), then turn it on and try signing in again.
  6. Getting a "sign in from a desktop" notice? Try signing in using a desktop or laptop to
    • If you're able to sign in there, your password is most likely OK, but you'll need to Yahoo Customer Care for help accessing your account.
  7. Trouble signing in with an app? See our help articles for Android apps and iOS apps for more help with sign in problems.

Video: Fixing sign-in problems

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