Webcam requirements for Yahoo Messenger

Your webcam needs to support the following specifications to work with Yahoo Messenger.

Yahoo Messenger webcam requirements:

  • Either one of these image sizes:
    - Small image size: 160 x 120
    - Large image size: 320 x 240
    - Learn about accessing your webcam broadcast statistics.
  • RGB, I420, or IYUV formats. (Each is fine - we recommend RGB 24.)
  • Microsoft DirectX version 9.0 or newer.

To check and upgrade your Microsoft DirectX version:

  1. On your keyboard, press the key combination Windows Logo + R.
    - This opens the "Run" command..
  2. Type in the Open box: dxdiag
  3. Click OK.
    - The DirectX Diagnostic Tool window opens.
  4. Click the System tab.
  5. Go to the bottom of the "System Information" section and note your DirectX version number.
  6. Follow the steps for your version number:
    • Older DirectX versions 8.x or older:
      - Click Exit, to exit the DirectX Diagnostic Tool window.
      - Download and install DirectX: Go to the Microsoft DirectX site to download and install the latest version of Microsoft DirectX.
    • DirectX 9.0 or newer:
      - Click Exit, to exit the DirectX Diagnostic Tool window.
      - No further action is necessary for newer versions.

  • Attention Logitech webcam users:
    • Logitech webcam drivers may cause you the following problems:
      - Windows freezes when accessing the webcam.
      - A black screen appears when using the webcam in Yahoo Messenger.
      - A "Webcam not found" error message displays.
      - After 3 seconds, the sound drops out of calls made via Yahoo Messenger.
    • Upgrade your webcam driver software: Try upgrading your webcam driver software, go to the Logitech support site for an update.
  • Attention other webcam users:
    • Upgrade your webcam driver software: Most webcam manufacturers maintain the latest webcam driver software on the download or support areas of their website.
      - See their site to download the latest webcam driver software.
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