Overview of Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail has a fresh look and features we think you'll love. View related emails as one conversation, add background images, and send Flickr and Dropbox attachments.

While it's not possible to switch back to a previous version of Yahoo Mail, we've got details on our returning features and new enhancements right here.

Getting Started

Sign in to your Yahoo Mail account or sign up for a new account.

+Our latest features



+Visual overview of Yahoo Mail

+Yahoo Mail at a glance

Yahoo Mail overview with area definitions

  1. Left Navigation column - Access your folders, Messenger, Calendar, Contacts, and Notepad all from here.
  2. Mailbox - Your email list for a selected folder.
  3. Content area - Where your opened email, calendar, contacts, and notepad appear.
  4. Message list toolbar - Move, delete, and reply to your emails, mark them as spam, and access more actions.
  5. Settings menu - Access your Yahoo Mail's settings and Themes options here.

  • Left Navigation column - Access your email, folders, recent activity, Messenger, Calendar, Contacts, and Notepad from here.
  • Content area - Where your opened email, calendar, contacts, and notepad appear.
  • Message list toolbar - Move, delete, and reply to your emails, mark them as spam, and access more actions.
  • Settings menu - Access your Yahoo Mail's settings and Themes options here.

+Left Navigation column

Your Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Notepad, and Messenger are always a click away in Yahoo Mail.

Just look for the icons in the upper left corner, where they remain no matter what you're doing in your account.

Navigation icons for Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Notepad, and Messenger

slide left to see more

Inbox icon Inbox
Yahoo Contacts icon Contacts
Yahoo Calendar icon Calendar
piece of paper with lower right corner folded Notepad
Yahoo Messenger icon Messenger

 Clicking the icon opens up its content in the middle of the screen.

The left navigation also contains your Folders and Recent activity.

  Learn more: See our help articles for using folders and multitasking with the Recent view.

+Message list toolbar

Your toolbar will appear differently, depending on your preview pane settings and whether you're viewing your message list or an individual email.

Preview Pane Right:

Toolbar above open message

  1. Select menu - Choose which types of messages you select.
  2. View menu - Access your "Sort by," "Preview Pane," and Themes options.
  3. Reply to sender - Replies to only the sender of the email.
  4. Reply to conversation - Replies to everyone in the conversation.
  5. Forward the conversation - Forward on the email to someone else.

Preview Pane Bottom:

Toolbar using bottom preview pane

Preview Pane Off:

Toolbar using no preview pane

Viewing a single email:

Toolbar when viewing single email

+Bottom of message options

See the additional options at the bottom of each email you receive.

More link

The options for Reply, Reply All, and forward are found both at the bottom of a message and on the Message List toolbar. Learn about "More" below.

+More menu

Report hacked accounts, phishing scams, and emails that were not addressed to you, as well as print and delete your emails.

Click More at the bottom of a message to access these options:

  • Delete Message - Delete the email. 
  • View Full Header - View the email's full header information. 
  • Set Language Encoding - Select the character encoding used to view the email. 
  • Print - Print the email. 
  • This is Spam - Send the current email to spam. 
  • Report a Hacked Account - Report a suspicious email sent from a known contact, which you don't believe they sent, to Yahoo. 
  • Report a Phishing Scam - Report suspicious emails asking for your personal information to Yahoo. 
  • Not My Mail - Report an email addressed to another recipient to Yahoo. Clicking Not My Mail will move the email to your Spam folder. 

+Composing, viewing, and organizing email

+Composing emails

Writing a few lines to a friend or sending Flickr photos to a group? Our overview of Yahoo Contacts has information on sending emails to your contacts and contact lists.

For even more info, check out our help article about how to address an email.

 Important: The Stationery feature is no longer offered in Yahoo Mail.

+Using the Compose toolbar

  • Add personality to your emails by changing your font, adding an emoticon, and more.
  • Our help article about composing and formatting your messages has the info you need.


+Viewing your emails

+Keeping organized

We have the tools to help manage your Inbox. Click the linked text to learn more.

+Yahoo Calendar, Contacts, and Notepad

Access your calendar, contacts, and notepad from the left column. They each open in the Content Area, not individual tabs as before.

See our Calendar, Contacts, and Notepad overviews for more information.

+Let us know what you think

We believe this is the best Yahoo Mail ever and want to hear what you think. Share your thoughts with Yahoo product teams on our feedback page.


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