Save my image in a different file size or format

To change the file size or format, you'll need to open the image in your own editing software and save the image again in a smaller size or new format.

Each image editor behaves slightly differently, but the editing process will generally work like this:

  1. Open your image with your editor.
  2. Use the editor to modify your image or change its width and height, if necessary.
  3. Save the image in a format that works with Yahoo Site Solution (GIF, JPG, or PNG).

(Consult your software's documentation for complete instructions.)

You don't need to buy any fancy software to edit your images. Most computers include a basic tool (try Paint on a Windows computer, or iPhoto on a Mac) that you can use to make simple changes to your images, but you'll also find some great resources online. We've had good luck resizing and reformatting our images with both web-based and downloadable image editors.

For basic editing, try one of the free tools we've listed below or search for your own.

Web-based editors (allow you to edit in a web browser):

Downloadable software:

Hint: If you plan to do more advanced image editing, such as making transparent backgrounds, you may want to consider purchasing professional software like Corel Paint Shop Pro or Adobe PhotoShop. Many manufacturers offer free trials of their software — be sure to try before you buy to see if a tool works for you.

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