Completing a Commercial Invoice

Whether you're completing your first international order, or if you just need a refresher, we've got you covered.

If your international shipment contains items of commercial value, you are required to complete a Commercial Invoice. The Commercial Invoice is a document supplied by the shipper that provides information about the shipment, including a description of the goods, the value of the goods, and shipper information. This form may be used by customs authorities to assess applicable taxes and duties.

  • Shipper Phone Number – As the shipper, you must provide a contact phone number. This phone number may be used to contact you should questions about the shipment or information included in the international shipment forms arise.
  • Company Name – Provide a company name for the shipment's recipient (the person or company receiving the shipment). If the recipient is an individual and not a company, enter the individual's first and last name.
  • Product Description – Provide a description for each of the products included in your international shipment. In this description, include what the item is, what it is made of, and what it will be used for. By providing a full and accurate description, you can reduce the likelihood that your product will be held in customs, and help ensure correct duties will be calculated.
  • Product Country of Origin – Indicate the country in which the item being shipped, was manufactured, produced, or grown. The country of origin must be provided for each item contained in your international shipment.
  • Number of Units – Indicate the total quantity of each product being shipped. Quantities should be measured in the unit of measurement specified for the product in either the "Unit of Measurement" or "Other Unit of Measurement" field.
  • Price-per-unit (USD) – Indicate the cost for a single unit of the product being shipped. The value entered must be greater than zero, and only numerical values may be entered into this field.
  • Unit of Measurement – Indicate the unit of measurement used for each item contained in your international shipment. The unit of measurement can be selected from the "Unit of Measurement" drop-down list. If the unit of measurement is not included in this list, select Other and provide the unit of measurement used in the "Other Unit of Measurement" field.
  • Other Unit of Measurement – If you selected "Other" from the Unit of Measurement drop-down list, the unit of measurement used must be provided in the "Other Unit of Measurement" field.
  • Reason for Export – Select the reason why you wish to export the international shipment.
    • The goods were purchased by the shipment recipient (Sale)
    • The goods are a gift for the recipient (Gift)
    • The goods are samples for the recipient (Sample)
    • The goods were purchased from the recipient and are being returned (Return)
    • The goods are being repaired by the recipient (Repair)
    • The goods are inter-company data (Inter-company Data

You can make changes to the Commercial Invoice during the shipment review process. To edit the commercial invoice, click the form's Edit Form Contents button.

Once you've finished creating the shipment, you may print the Commercial Invoice using the Print UPS International Forms button on the shipment confirmation screen.


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