Create a CSV file using Notepad

One way to create or edit a CSV database is using a text editor such as Notepad. There are a few general rules in creating a CSV file:

  • Separate fields with a single comma.
  • Put quotation marks around all fields that contain a comma, quote, or carriage-return.
  • Fields with quotes in text must be changed to double-quotes.
  • End each record with a single line break.

Creating a table using Notepad

  1. Open Notepad.
  2. On the first line, type your fields separated by commas. See a list of supported fields for CSV files. For example:
  3. After the first line, add a record for each item. Separate each record with a single line break. For example:
    Shirts,F23,Polo Shirt,"Size S M L XL
    Color Marigold Taupe ""Sea Green""",22.95
    Pants,P12,Chinos,"Waist 32 34 36
    Inseam 30 32 34",34.95
  4. Save the file.
  5. Upload your CSV file to the Store Editor using the "Database Upload" button (only available in Advanced Mode).

Please note the following in the example above:

  • When using a field that requires a full line break (such as multiple options), the entire field is opened and closed with quotations.
  • A field that requires quotes (such as a multi-worded option) is double-quoted.
  • Each record has the same number of commas as the first line.

Common mistakes

  • Missing fields within records. If you want to leave a field empty, remember to include the comma, or the remaining fields will be off by one.
  • Extra line breaks at the end of the file. After the last field in the last record, add a single line break and save the file. Make sure there are no extra line breaks at the end of the file.
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