What are subdomains?

A subdomain, sometimes called a "third-level" domain, is a great way to create a memorable web address for a section of your web site. (Sorry, subdomains are available only in Web Hosting and Merchant Solutions plans.)

Your domain is a folder that contains your site files; a subdirectory is a folder contained within this main folder (such as http://www.yourdomain.com/subdirectory1). A subdomain, on the other hand, is basically an alias, another address that can be created for one of your subdirectories. An Internet user can enter the subdomain in his browser's address bar to view the subdirectory with which it's associated.

A subdomain combines a unique identifier with a domain name to become essentially a "domain within a domain." The unique identifier simply replaces the www in the web address. Yahoo, for example, uses subdomains such as mail.yahoo.com and music.yahoo.com to reference its mail and music services, under the umbrella of www.yahoo.com.

The model below shows the structure of a subdomain.

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http:// subdomain . domain . com
3rd level   2nd level   1st level

You can create subdomains for your web site in your Domain Control Panel. Learn how.

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