Why am I having trouble attaching a file?

If your browser is hanging, or the file does not appear to be attaching after a several minutes, one or more of the following may contribute to the issue.

Browser issues: Try using a different web browser.

Slow connection speeds: If your internet connection seems slow, try disconnecting and then reconnecting to the internet or try uploading your files at another time when the connection speed may be faster.

File size: Larger files may take longer to upload. Files which bring the total message size over the 25MB limit may fail to upload. Multiple large files may need to be sent as attachments to separate emails.

File is currently open: If the file you are attempting to upload is open on your system, the attachment upload may be blocked. Try closing the file and attaching again.

Other programs running: If you have a number of other programs running, the available memory may be reduced, slowing the upload process. We recommend closing any programs not in use and going through the attachment process again.

Special characters in the file name: Try re-saving the file with a different name and attaching the new file. Avoid using any of the special characters, such as #, $, /, @, as special characters can sometimes cause problems.

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