Add or remove blocked addresses

If you're receiving a large amount of spam from one specific email address you can block all messages from that email address by using the Blocked Addresses feature in your mail options.

While you can't prevent someone from sending a message to you, you can block up to 500 email addresses or domains. All incoming messages from these blocked addresses will be automatically deleted, without bouncing back to the sender or going into one of your mail folders.

  1. Sign in to your Yahoo Business Email account.
  2. Mouse over the Settings menu iconĀ Gear Icon | select Mail Options
  3. Click Blocked Addresses.
  4. Type in the email address to the "Add an address:" field.
    • To block messages from an entire domain, enter the domain in this field.
  5. Click the Add this email address to the Blocked List button.

To remove an entry, follow steps 1-3, and then select the address you want to remove and click the Remove selected email addresses from the Blocked List button.

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