What's the difference between the two choices when I create an email user?

When you add an email user to your Business Mail account, you'll have to choose how the user will access the new email address. Here's a quick comparison chart:

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Option #1:
Using Yahoo and/or another mail program, such as Outlook Express.
Option #2:
Never with Yahoo Will use another mail program exclusively.
1. The user can access mail with Yahoo webmail, a desktop email program, or both. 1. The user will access mail only with a desktop email program.
2. Will need a Yahoo ID. 2. Doesn't need a Yahoo ID.
3. Because Yahoo Mail is a Web-based program, the user can check email even when away from the office, using any computer with Internet access. 3. Will not be able to use Yahoo to check email online.
4. Current Yahoo users can use this email address with their existing Yahoo accounts or create a new Yahoo ID. 4. The Business Mail owner or administrator will create a password for the user to access the email address.
5. Can be made an administrator of your account. 5. Cannot be made an administrator of your account.
6. Will get Yahoo SpamGuard Plus, which automatically filters suspected spam to your Spam or Bulk folder, and significantly reduce the amount of junk mail in your inbox. 6. Will not be protected by Yahoo spam tools, which means the user will receive all messages in the inbox, even those which might have been filtered by Yahoo SpamGuard Plus.


We strongly recommend option #1, as it offers the most flexibility, plus protection from spam. However, if the user doesn't want to sign up for a Yahoo ID, option #2 might be the right choice.

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