How to download apps to your mobile device

This article explains how to use Yahoo App Search to find apps for your smart phone.

You can download an app to your phone by clicking the yellow price button found on the Yahoo App Search search results page, expanded results, and app information pages. Clicking the button brings up a download window giving you the option to go directly to the iTunes Store or Android Marketplace, send the download link directly to your phone as an SMS, or scan a QR code which will then send the app download link to the phone.

Sending a Link to your Phone:

Clicking Send link to phone will bring up a window where you can enter your mobile phone number. Once entered, click Send app to my phone, and Yahoo will send an SMS to your phone that includes a link. Click on the link and follow the directions to download your app.

NOTE: Yahoo will not use this number for marketing purposes unless you have given us permission elsewhere. This number will only be used to send you an SMS text message containing the applicable link. Carrier charges may apply.

Scanning QR Codes:

If your mobile device is equipped with a camera and a barcode scanner, you may be able to receive the app download information by scanning the QR code in the download window. Open the scanner on your phone, and scan the QR code directly off your monitor. The QR code contains the download link for the app. Once scanned, use your mobile device to access the link and download the app.

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