Scoring categories for Yahoo Fantasy Football

  Scoring requirements - In order to score any points for the week, you need to have a complete roster of 15 players (11 starters, plus 4 on the bench).

All teams receive fantasy points based on each player's actual performance in several statistical categories. Each category has a specific point value associated with it (see the chart below), and teams receive points for all 11 players in their lineup. Bench players do not earn points.


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Action Code Score
Goal G 7 points (+3 for Shot on Target so 10 overall)
Assist A 4 points
Match-Winning Goal MWG 2 extra points
Set-Piece Goal SPG 3 extra points*
Shot on Target SOT 3 points
Successful Cross SC 1 point
Winning a Foul FW 1 points
Penalty Kick Missed/Saved PKM -5 points


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Act Code Score
Blocked Shot BS 2 points
Pass Intercepted PI 1 points
Winning a Tackle TW 1 points
Clean Sheet (75+ Minutes Played) CS 6 points
Foul Committed FC -1 points
Penalty Committed PC -3 points
Own Goal OG -3 points
Yellow Card YC -3 points
Red Card RC -6 points


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Act Code Score
Win W 4 points
Loss L -2 points
Tie T 1 point
Save SV 2 points
Penalty Kick Save PKS 6 points
Clean Sheet CS 5 points
Goal Allowed GA -3 points

Other Scoring Questions

  • Clean Sheet - A scoring category in Fantasy Football that rewards Defenders and Keepers for shutting out their opponents. Forwards and Midfielders don't get points for a Clean Sheet.
  • Captain - When you designate a "Captain" for your team, their point count is doubled. If you don't manually designate a captain, the highest valued player according to Yahoo will be made the Captain at the end of the week.
  • Bench Players - Only the active 11 players can score points for the week. Bench players' points will count towards your total only if they replace a non-playing member of your starting 11.
  • Automatic substitution - If a starter doesn't play during that week, the appropriate bench player will automatically be substituted. The scoring for the substitute will be added to the total of the week he is subbed in.
  • Multiple Games - If a team plays more than one game in a week, your player will receive all points earned in all games that week. 
  • Set-Piece Goals - SPGs only count when a set-piece kick goes directly into the goal. Corner kicks that are headed in and penalty kicks don't count as SPGs.


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