Register a bracket for Tourney Pick'em

This year's Tourney Pick'em game has the largest prize in the history of bracket challenges: $1 billion for a perfect bracket!

We're also handing out $100,000 to each of the top-20 scoring "imperfect" brackets (using our default scoring system).

Here's how to sign up!

Register a bracket in the Quicken Loans Billion $ Bracket Challenge with Yahoo Sports

  1. Go the Tourney Pick'em home page
  2. Click Register now
  3. Enter your name and contact information
  4. Answer each of the questions on the questionnaire
  5. Click Agree & continue
  6. Sign in to or create a Yahoo account
  7. Click Send SMS
    - You'll be sent a code to the mobile number you provided during registration
  8. Enter the code in the "Code" field
  9. Click Submit code

Keep in mind, you're limited to 1 bracket in the Quicken Loans Billion $ Bracket Challenge.

For full rules and FAQs, see the Quicken Bracket Challenge FAQs

Register a standard bracket

  1. Sign in to the Tourney Pick'em home page
  2. Click Create a pool or Find a pool
    - Find the steps in our help articles for creating and joining Tourney Pick'em pools

You'll have the option to select from your existing brackets or enter a completely new bracket name when joining and creating pools.

Registration Deadlines

Find all the info in our "Deadlines for Tourney Pick'em" help article.

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