Winning in Survival Football

This article explains how to win a Survival Football group.

The object of Yahoo Sports Survival Football is to be the last Active member of your individual group.

In order to accomplish this goal, you must correctly pick the winner of one NFL football game each week. In groups that use more than 1 Strike (i.e., incorrect pick), you may be allowed to miss up to 2 times and still be the group winner.

To make this simple sounding game more of a challenge, you can only select each team once during the regular season while an Active member of an individual group. Team restrictions will be reset at the beginning of the playoffs (in groups that pick through the playoffs), and you will again be able to pick each team once.

If a correct selection is made, you will remain Active for the following week. If an incorrect selection is made (or the game ends in a tie), you will incur a Strike and could be Eliminated, depending on the group's settings.

In the event that the last Active members in a group are all Eliminated together in the same week, all are declared winners. There is no tiebreaker in Yahoo Sports Survival Football.

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