About Smack Talk

Going up against your best friend or arch-nemesis in your Yahoo Sports Fantasy league this week? This article explains the Smack Talk feature and how you can verbally dress down your opponent.

With Smack Talk, you can lay the gauntlet down against your weekly matchup opponent, getting the best of them in a war of words -- even if you can't in the Fantasy arena.

You access Smack Talk by clicking on the Matchup tab on your league homepage.

That will take you to your weekly matchup. On the top of the screen, next to the Score Summary, you will find the Smack Talk section, which includes any previous posts for that matchup.

Click Post Smack Talk to add your two cents to the conversation. You get 200 characters to make your point, and then click Submit to post it to the matchup page.

Post Smack Talk by clicking the Post Smack Talk button, and then typing your message.

Your Smack Talk also will appear in the "Recent Updates" section of your league homepage.


  • Smack Talk cannot be edited or deleted after it has been submitted.
  • In Public Leagues, Smack Talk is subject to moderation by Yahoo Sports under the Terms.
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