Pre-draft ranking option explained

This article explains how players are selected based on your pre-rankings when you cannot make your live draft, or are participating in an autopick draft, and how to edit your pre-rankings.

Yahoo Sports creates a default ranking of all players based on their stats from prior seasons and analysis of their expected performance in the upcoming season.

You may make your draft selections based on this ranking, or you may create a custom ranking order based on your individual preferences. If you are happy with the default order, you do not need to custom-rank players. Most managers typically rank the first 25 or so players. Any players left unranked will be added to the end of your list according to the default rankings. So, if you rank 25 players, player 26 will be the top-ranked player remaining based on the default rankings, player 27 the second best, etc.

Here are some great tips for custom-ranking players that you might want to read before making your picks.

To pre-rank players in a standard draft:

  1. Log into Yahoo Fantasy Sports.
  2. Select your team in the list on the right-hand side of the page.
  3. Select the Draft Central tab.
  4. Select the Pre-Draft Player Rankings link.
  5. Select the Edit My Rankings button.

    Edit Pre-Draft Player Rankings
  6. The default rankings are shown in the List of Players section. Use the right and left arrows to move players to the My Players section, and the up and down arrows to adjust your custom rankings.
  7. Click Save to save your progress periodically, or Done when finished.

To pre-rank players in an auction draft:

  1. Log into Yahoo Fantasy Sports.
  2. Select your team in the list on the right-hand side of the page.
  3. Select the Draft Central tab.
  4. Click Pre-Draft Values.
  5. Click Edit My Values.

    Edit Pre-Draft Player Values
  6. Each player has a default value. Enter your preferred max bid in the My Value field | Click Save Progress.
    • Setting a custom value determines the maximum bid the autopick system will place on a player. Otherwise, the autopick system can bid up to 120% of the Yahoo default value on a player.
  7. Click Done when finished.

If these links do not exist on your Draft Central page, it could mean:

  • You have set your team to "Ready" (in your auto-pick draft league). Change it back to Not Ready to restore access to the pre-rankings.
  • Your League Commissioner (in your custom league) changed the draft type to an "Offline" draft.  Please contact your league's commissioner with questions about this.

Note: An offline draft is conducted privately with the members of your league and without the use of Yahoo programs. Pre-ranking is not available to managers in leagues using the offline draft process.

Exclude List:

When pre-ranking players, you also have the option of adding any player in the player pool to the "Exclude" list.

Players placed on the exclude list will not be drafted under any circumstances, even if you have an open starting roster position, and no other players eligible at that position are available.

You should place a player on this list only when you are 100 percent sure you do not want to draft him because of injury, performance concerns, personal preference, etc.

Excluded players will not be selected in an Autopick draft or if our system takes over for an absent manager in a live draft. However, if you are participating in a live draft, you may draft a player that was placed on your excluded list.

Please note: Excluding every player at a starting position disrupts the algorithm for Autopick teams. The system is required to fill all starting positions before bench positions. Once the draft gets to the starting position you excluded, all further draft results become random and for the most part will draft very undesirable players. Yahoo Sports will not reverse draft picks or take any action based on poor draft results which result from a manager completely excluding a starting position.

Even though this video highlights Fantasy Football, it still applies to Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Basketball, and Fantasy Hockey.



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