Considerations for a two-week championship series in a Head-to-Head league

It is not possible to configure your league to have a two-week championship series.

Two-week championship series only are offered if the final week of the real-life league's regular season is shorter than 4 days. In those circumstances, the final week is combined with the previous week for Fantasy scoring.

If you are involved in the two-week championship series in a Head-to-Head league, please consider the following:

Lineup Changes: If your league allows weekly lineup changes, managers will be allowed to change lineups after one week of the series on the customary day. Therefore, teams may change their lineups at the midway point of the championship matchup.

Transaction Limits: There will be no "reset" of your weekly transaction limit during the extended final series. If your league calls for a four-transaction limit per week, managers will only be able to make four player adds/drops during the entire championship matchup. Please plan accordingly.

Scoring: Stats are cumulative for the two weeks of the matchup. Stats and scoring are not reset after week one matchup has been completed.

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