Share articles or videos

You can share articles and videos, without leaving Yahoo.

  1. Look for the sharing bar -- when you view an article or video on a Yahoo page, you'll also see some sharing options at the top of the page (images seen in the sharing bar are pictured below).
  2. Click an option -- depending on the option you choose, there are a few more steps. See the next steps box below.

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Sharing options Next steps
Lowercase t Tumblr You're prompted to log in Tumblr, and to share.
Lowercase f Facebook You're prompted to sign in to Facebook, and to share.
Bird Twitter You're prompted to sign in to Twitter, and to share.
Envelope Yahoo MailĀ 

You're prompted to:

  1. Sign in to Yahoo Mail
  2. Enter the recipient's email address.
  3. Write a message.
  4. Click Send.
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