Account Locked

Is your account locked? It happens! There are three ways you can unlock your account.

  Tip: If you ever forget your password, you can always use the Password Helper to get back in.

1. "Confirm your identity" security prompt

The fastest way to resolve this issue is to verify either your security question answer or have a code sent to your mobile number or alternate email address on file. Check out our "Confirm your identity" pop-up message article for details on how to clear this prompt.

Confirm your identity verification box

2. "Invalid ID or password" error message

The cause of this error could be as simple as a mistyped password or a browser caching issue. For help with quickly fixing this issue, see what to do if you're unable to sign in.

Invalid ID or Password Module

3. Account locked temporarily

The easiest fix is to contact Customer Care to get immediate assistance. Or wait the 12 hours, and enter your correct username and password.

Account Locked Temporarily notification box

If you think someone is trying to access your account, see our help article about compromised accounts right away.

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