Looping back to sign in page or unable to sign in with Yahoo Messenger on Mobile webpages

The resolution in this article can assist with the following problems: 

  • Cannot sign into Yahoo Messenger in the web browser on a mobile device
  • Locked out from signing into a mobile version of Yahoo Messenger

The symptoms may include being looped back to the original sign-in prompt or encountering a sign-in error preventing access to your account.

Additionally, you may be unable to sign in to Yahoo Messenger on a desktop or laptop computer.

First, try the resolution suggested in the following page "Problems accessing Yahoo Mobile webpages".

As a workaround, please try signing in to Yahoo Messenger in Mail from a desktop computer.

If you are still unable to sign in with your mobile device, please contact us using the Contact Customer Care button in the lower right hand corner. For the quickest possible resolution, please provide the following details:

  1. The exact steps you are taking to sign in. Please indicate if you are using your mobile web browser or if you are using an official Yahoo Messenger application on your device.
  2. Please provide the exact steps you're following, and describe what happens on your screen. Please list the exact text of any error message, if provided.
  3. Note if you are able to sign in with Yahoo Messenger for Mail.
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