Chat with Facebook friends using Yahoo Messenger 11

To chat with your Facebook friends, you first have to link your Yahoo and Facebook accounts.

You can do this from within Messenger by completing the "Link to Facebook" flow. You can perform the flow using either method below from within Yahoo Messenger.

Choose either method to link your Yahoo account to your Facebook account:

  • Method 1 - from the main Messenger window: Select the Link to Facebook banner or go to the Y! Updates tab and select the Facebook icon in the "All" bar.
  • Method 2 - from Messenger Preferences: Select Messenger | Preferences, select Connected Networks at the left, and then select the Add to Facebook or Link to Facebook button.

Once you have linked your Yahoo and Facebook accounts, follow the steps below to sign in or out of Facebook Chat.

Signing in or out of Facebook chat:

  1. Click the Messenger menu.
    • Or right-click the Facebook Friends contact group.
  2. Select Sign in to Facebook Chat.
    - To start a conversation: Double-click a Facebook friend's name.
    • To sign out: Select Sign out of Facebook Chat.

  • It'll look like you're chatting from Facebook: When you're chatting from Yahoo Messenger 11, you'll appear as "Online" to your Facebook friends and they won't know that you're not chatting from Facebook.
  • Conversation History doesn't save Facebook chats: Your Facebook chats aren't saved in your Yahoo Messenger 11 Conversation History.
  • You can only link one Yahoo account at a time: You can only link your Facebook account to one Yahoo account at a time.
    • If you try to link another Yahoo account, you'll get a message telling you that the account is already linked.
    • You'll need to unlink the current Yahoo account before linking a different Yahoo account to a single Facebook account.
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