How to use the Messenger Snapshot tool to create a screenshot

This article has instructions for using the Snapshot tool to create a screenshot or "snapshot." It also includes information for sending an attachment in Yahoo Mail.

To create a screenshot using the Messenger Snapshot tool:

  1. Open an Conversation window (or "IM window") in Messenger.
  2. Have the view on your computer screen that you wish to see in the snapshot.
    Note: If you're having problems and need to create a screenshot (or "snapshot") for Yahoo support, please reproduce the issue you've been having so it will show up in the snapshot.
  3. Click the Snapshot icon (picture frame) on the right in the toolbar with the Emoticons button in your IM window.
    - Your screen will darken and your mouse displays a crosshair.
    Note: To capture something in Messenger, select the arrow on the right side of the Snapshot icon and select Include This Window in Snapshot.
  4. Move your mouse to the area in the screen where you want to start your snapshot.
  5. As you click and drag your mouse diagonally, it creates a window.
    - Continue until you have your snapshot, then release your mouse.
    - When you release your mouse you will see three icons at the bottom-right.
  6. Click the icon for what action you'd like to accomplish, this will complete the snapshot process:
    - X icon: Cancel the snapshot. (Sometimes you need to practice a few times to get it right.)
    - Disk icon: Save the file to your desktop or another location on your computer.
    Note: You have the choice to save the snapshot file type as a JPEG (.jpg), Bitmap (.bmp), or PNG (.png). To change the file type, click the arrow for "Save as type," and select a file type. (Please save it in the JPEG format if you are sending a snapshot to Yahoo Customer Care.)
    - Checkmark icon: Share the snapshot with the person you are currently IMing.

How to attach your snapshot file in Yahoo Mail:

Note: If you are asked by Yahoo support to provide a screenshot, you can use the snapshot you created above. (Please be sure to use a JPEG file as your snapshot attachment.)

  1. Click Attach or Attach File (next to the paperclip) above the Compose window.
  2. Navigate to the file located on your computer.
  3. Click Open or OK.
  4. You'll see the file name appear above your Compose window. If you want to add more attachments, repeat this process. (You can keep adding attachments until you reach the 10MB message limit.)


Snapshots are screenshot image files you can create and share to show what's on your computer screen at a that time. This document describes how to take a screenshot using the Messenger Snapshot tool.

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