Restore missing emails or IMs

In some cases, we can restore lost or deleted emails and instant messagesĀ (IMs) in Yahoo Mail. Here's how to request a restoration attempt.

Before requesting a restoreĀ 

  • We can only restore emails and IMs that were lost within the last seven days.
  • If multiple restore requests are submitted, only the latest request will be processed.
  • Back up any emails sent or received within the last seven days.
    - These emails will be permanently deleted if the restore is successful.
  • To back up IMs, you'll need to copy/paste them from your Conversation History into a text document.

Submitting your request

From a desktop or laptop, use our restore request form if you'd like us to attempt to recover your missing emails or IMs.

+ Other considerations when requesting a restore

  • We can't guarantee a successful restoration of your missing emails, but we'll do all we can.
  • Your missing emails may only be hidden, not actually deleted.
    - To determine if this is the case, see our help article aboutĀ missing emails in Yahoo Mail .
  • We can't restore IM conversation history archives for Yahoo Messenger (Windows versions 10 and below, and Yahoo Messenger for Mac).
  • We can't pick specific emails or restore from a specific span of time (e.g., between certain dates, or a specific week or month.)
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