Problems attaching or downloading files in Yahoo Mail

Having difficulty attaching or downloading files in Yahoo Mail? It's okay, we can help.

Problems attaching files to a message

  • The file name contains special characters ( #, $, /, etc.).
    - Rename the file without special characters, save it, and try again.
  • Try our browser troubleshooting steps if renaming the file doesn't help.

Problems downloading files you received

Encrypted files are not supported

  • Yahoo Mail does not accept attachments that have been encrypted, or coded to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Check with the sender to verify the file wasn't encrypted.

Can't find the downloaded file

  • Check your browser settings to determine where downloaded files are saved, by default.
  • Consult your browser's help pages for additional assistance, as these settings vary.

  Need more info? See our help article about attachments in Yahoo Mail.

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