Can't send, forward, or reply to emails

Are you having trouble using the send, forward, and reply buttons in Yahoo Mail? Some programs on your computer (like a browser add-on) may prevent the Yahoo Mail Rich Text toolbar from working properly. You can switch to the plain text toolbar as a workaround.

Switch to plain text mode

  1. Sign in to Yahoo Mail.
  2. Click Compose.
  3. Click the double arrow button (<<) at the right side of the formatting toolbar. This switches you to plain text mode.
  4. Compose and send your email.

If you continue to experience a problem after completing the above steps:

  1. Verify that you are signed onto your computer as an administrator.
    - This is necessary to make sure you have the right level of access to complete the troubleshooting in step 2.
  2. Follow our browser troubleshooting steps.
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