Overview of the new Yahoo Groups

The new Yahoo Groups is a place where you can connect with your real life friends and communities, or branch out and discover all kinds of people who share your interests and values.

Whether you want to coordinate with the other parents on your kids' youth soccer team or join a book club on the other side of the world, Yahoo Groups is the easiest and most accessible way to bring groups of people together.

The best part -- it's free!

Group features

Every group has its own page with different sections where it's easy to join and spark up a conversation, share photos or files, and communicate with other group members.


Post, view, or participate in group discussion topics. Have an idea or opinion to share? Let your groupmates know!

Conversations page


Whether you want to share photos of your human friends, your cat friends, or anything else -- Upload and view photos from your fellow group members.

Photos page


Coordinate meet-ups and to-dos with the rest of your group using the "Events" community calendar and help keep everyone up-to-date.

Events calendar


Have an question that you'd like to ask your group? Survey their opinions and see what people think.

A poll

Files, Links, Database, and Attachments

We've even made it easy to create databases filled with information, upload files to store in your group and share with others, and share links to other websites with the rest of your group.

A home page for all of your Groups activity too!

Since most people on Yahoo Groups belong to more than one group, you'll get your own homepage where all of your group updates are consolidated for easy review.

Smart and intuitive group management

No two groups are the same, so why should they all be set up or managed the same?

Every group has a "Control Panel" where the owner and moderators can customize their group with different tools to reflect their group's personality.

Control panel page

While there are some basic terms and conditions that apply to all groups, group owners can appoint their own moderators to police their groups however they'd like.

Get started today!

Ready to join a group or start your own? Click one of the links below for a quick and easy tutorial.

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