Yahoo Finance for mobile devices

Whether you use the app, or visit Yahoo Finance in your mobile Web browser, you’ll get up-to-date portfolio and quote data, news, commentary, and market analysis.

The app

It's available on iOS and Android devices (phones and tablets).

For iOS

For Android

  Note: Portfolios are not yet available in the Android app.

In a Web browser

Don’t want to use the app? No problem -- you can go to Yahoo Finance for mobile in your mobile device’s Web browser.

  • For news, market stats, and polls, scroll down on the “Home” tab.
  • For exclusive blogs, news, and videos, tap the Exclusives tab.

Viewing your portfolios

  1. Tap the Portfolios tab.
    • Not signed in? Tap Sign in to view portfolios.
  2. Scroll down to view portfolios.
    • To edit a portfolio, tap Edit Portfolio.
    • To create a portfolio, under “Manage Portfolios” tap Create.
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