Add, remove, or edit portfolio holdings

Looking to add, edit or delete portfolio holdings? Learn how with the steps below.

  Save time! Sync your brokerage accounts to your Yahoo Finance portfolios, instead of updating your holdings manually. Synced portfolios don’t need to (and can’t) be updated or edited manually on Yahoo Finance.

Add, edit, or delete holdings

  1. Sign in to Yahoo Finance.
  2. Select a portfolio from the “My Portfolio” drop-down.
  3. Click Go to My Portfolio.
  4. Click Add/edit holdings.
    • If you don’t see "Add/edit holdings" but do see "View transactions", you’re in a transaction portfolio. Learn how to:
  5. Add holdings you’d like to track or edit existing holdings. For each lot, you can add or edit:
    • Trade date
    • Number of shares purchased
    • Price paid
    • Commission fees
    • Low/high limits
    • Notes
  6. To delete a holding: to the right of the holding click X, then click Remove.
  7.   Keep in mind: you may have more than one lot of each symbol. To completely remove a symbol from a portfolio, delete all of its lots.

  8. Click Save.

Additional holdings info

Tracking multiple lots: If you want to track multiple lots of the same symbol (for example, you have purchased YHOO at two different times and prices), make one entry for each purchase.

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