Ticker or symbol is missing from Yahoo's quotes lookup tool

Why a ticker symbol may not appear in Yahoo Finance.

Why a symbol may be missing from our quote system:

  • The company has been acquired by another company or has filed for bankruptcy. These details should be available on the comany's investor relations page.
  • The company has changed its ticker symbol.
  • A company has switched its stock from one exchange to another or moved to a different section of the same exchange (e.g., NASDAQ Big board to NASDAQ OTC).
  • Yahoo Finance does not offer full coverage of pink sheets, preferred stocks, or ADRs.
  • We do not cover every exchange and our feed may not include every section of the exchanges we do cover.

Note: Yahoo Finance provides limited information on privately held companies in our Industry Center. Only publicly traded companies are covered in the profile pages.

Please be advised that if exchange registration for a company has recently changed, then updated information may not appear immediately on Yahoo Finance.

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