Fix Sign-in Seal problems

The Sign-in Seal is a feature of your Web browser and isn't linked specifically to your account. If your Sign-in Seal isn't appearing when you sign in to Yahoo, or the option to create a seal is missing, it could be caused by your browser or security software settings.

Seal doesn't appear on the Yahoo Sign-in page

  • Often caused by a Web browser's cache and cookies being deleted, which removes the seal.
    - Some browser add-ons and computer security software automatically clear cache and cookies each time the browser is closed.
  • Create a new Sign-in Seal, or disable add-ons and security programs, to fix the problem.

Option to create a new Sign-in Seal doesn't appear

  • Your Web browser is most likely not set to accept cookies.
  • You will need to create a new Sign-in Seal from within your Yahoo account.

Creating a new Sign-in Seal from within your account

  1. Sign in to your Yahoo Account Information page.
  2. Under "Sign-In and Security," select Create a sign-in seal.
    - Creating a new seal will recreate the cookie for the browser and bring back the Sign-in Seal.

  • Your sign-in seal is saved to your computer.
    - You'll need to create a separate sign-in seal for each computer you use to sign in to Yahoo!.
  • Be careful not to create a sign-in seal on a public computer.
    - For example, those used in libraries or Internet cafes.
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