Trading players in Fantasy Sports

Got your eye on a player on someone else's team? Make a trade and exchange one or more of your players (or in Custom leagues, draft picks) with another manager in your league to snatch them up.

Proposing a trade

  1. Go to the page for the team that has the player you'd like to acquire
  2. Click Create Trade
  3. Select the players and/or draft picks you'd like to trade for
  4. Select the players and/or draft picks you're willing to give up
  5. Click Continue or Evaluate Trade

  Check to see your trade is fair - Use the Yahoo Sports Trade Evaluator to evaluate your proposal based on projected stats and your league's settings! 

After you've submitted your trade proposal

Once you click "Continue" to submit your trade, we'll send the other team manager an email with your trade proposal and place an alert on their team's page to let them know about your offer.

They'll have 10 days to either accept, reject, or make a counter-offer to your trade proposal. If they don't respond in that time, your trade will be cancelled.

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Trade Response Result
Rejected You'll receive an email and notification saying they've rejected your offer.
Counter-offer made You'll receive an email and notification with their counter-offer.
Trade Review - "League Votes"
All team managers receive an email and notification about the trade offer, and the trade is subject to review by the league.
Trade Review - "Commissioner"
You and the commissioner are notified that the trade was accepted, and the trade is subject to review by the commissioner.

Trade acceptance and review

Once a trade has been accepted, it gets noted as "Pending" and is subject to a review -- where the type of review varies by league type.

  Important to know! Once a proposed trade has been accepted and is displayed as pending, the teams making the trade can no longer cancel the trade. We understand that offers may be accepted in error, but Yahoo Sports cannot interfere in the trade review process in Public or Custom Leagues

After the trade has been accepted and the review period has ended, Yahoo Sports processes the trade and updates each team's roster according to your roster change setting.

All Public Leagues use the "League Votes" trade review setting with a "reject time" of 2 days. If 4 or more managers object within 2 days, the trade is vetoed.

All Pro Leagues use Yahoo Trade Review as their trade review setting.

In Custom Leagues, commissioners can choose League Votes, Yahoo Trade Review, or they can opt for Commissioner Review of all trades during league configuration.

Custom League commissioners can set their league's reject time anywhere from 0-7 days. If they select 0 days, all trades will be processed immediately once they're accepted.

Limitations on trading

  • While a trade is in review, managers can’t make other transactions involving any players who are involved in another trade.
  • Players can only be involved in one transaction at a time. So, even if a player has been offered to a number of teams, after any one of the trades has been accepted, no other manager can accept a deal involving the traded player.
  • No manager can have more than five pending trades per league.
  • During the trade review period, a team cannot make a roster move (add/drop, another trade processing, moving player off DL) that would subsequently put them over the roster limit when the trade would process; otherwise, the trade will automatically be rejected. It is both managers' responsibility to ensure their team meets the above conditions after a trade has been accepted. Yahoo Sports will not process a trade retroactively that was rejected by the system.


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