Yahoo password requirements

We've developed the following guidelines to help you create a password that will be more resistant to hacking.

  • 8 to 32 characters long.
  • Cannot be all letters.
  • Contain at least one number or symbol.
    Tip: We suggest using a combination of multiple numbers and symbols.
  • Contain at least one uppercase letter.
  • Cannot contain 3 or more consecutive letters used in either your real name or Yahoo ID.
    For example:
    If your Yahoo ID is "zerocool," your password cannot be "school2077" since "ool" is a part of your Yahoo ID.
  • Cannot reuse a password that you've used before.

Not sure if your password is strong enough? Start typing your password, and you'll see a green check mark appear beside each requirement that you've met. We'll also tell you which requirement you still need to incorporate into your password for it to be accepted.

Password dialog box

Weak password dialog box

Using a public computer? We recommend hiding your password by unchecking the "show" option.

Review more password tips and best practices to help protect yourself online.

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