Account keeps sending spam

If you think your Yahoo account is being used to send spam, and our basic account spam and compromise steps don't fix the problem, don't worry. We can still help.

Check your Yahoo account for things you don't recognize

Check your computer for malware

  • Malware can corrupt your system and capture your sensitive information, like passwords and bank account numbers. Visit the Yahoo Security Center to learn more about protecting yourself online.

Check for forged messages

  • The spam may be forged email that's sent from another account.
  • Forged email appears to be sent from your email address, but your account is not actually affected.
  • Email providers cannot prevent their domain names from being forged, but if fraud is identified, action can be taken.
  1. View the full header of the email in question.
  2. From the last "Received" line of the full header, take note of the originating IP address.
  3. This corresponds with the sender's Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  4. Conduct an IP lookup through a site like to determine which ISP provides the sender with Internet access.
  5. Contact their ISP to request that appropriate action be taken.


For other ways to protect your information online, visit the Yahoo Security Center.


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