Overview of Yahoo Calendar

Life can get pretty crazy. Luckily, there's Yahoo Calendar to keep track of your appointments and to do lists! You can even sync your calendar with mobile devices so you always have access.

Getting Started

These basics will help you get your Yahoo Calendar up and running.

+ Accessing Yahoo Calendar

From your Yahoo Mail account, click Calendar.

  • The Left Navigation column collapses, displaying only icons.
  • Your calendar fills the content area.

+ Creating a new calendar

Keep your life organized by adding a calendar for different parts of life.

  1. Click Actions | Create New Calendar.
  2. Enter your details and click Save.

+ Sharing your calendar

Keep others in the loop by sharing your calendar.

  1. Locate your calendar from your calendar list.
    - If your calendar list doesn't appear, click Actions | Show Calendars.
  2. Right-click your calendar or click the More Options icon Calendar options icon beside it.
  3. Click Share.
  4. Edit your calendar's name and its color.
  5. Select your preferred sharing method:
    • Specific people via email
    • A public link
    • An iCal address
    • or a web address link
  6. Click Save.

  Options! Alternatively, you can also click Actions to share.

+ Deleting your calendar

You can delete your calendar and all of its events.

  1. Click the More Options icon Calendar options icon beside the calendar you want to delete.
  2. Click Edit Calendar.
  3. Click Delete.
  4. Select Delete All the Events or The whole calendar and click Continue.
  5. Confirm your deletion.

  Did you know? You can also delete a calendar by right-clicking on its name.

Working with Events

Events are meetings, appointments, or anything else worthy of being on your calendar.

See our Events help article for info on adding, deleting, editing, and printing your events.

Using ToDos

A ToDo is a note or reminder to yourself that highlights your upcoming tasks and appointments.

Discover the power of this feature by reviewing our ToDo help article.

Sync your Yahoo Calendar on mobile devices

Keep your calendar up-to-date on the go! Check out our synching help article to learn more.

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