Messages are missing from your Inbox or another folder

Make sure the emails haven't unexpectedly moved to a different folder

  1. Check your Trash folder, and any other folders you have set up.
    - Accidents happen. Sometimes messages get moved unintentionally.
  2. Check your email filters - A filter may be directing certain emails to a different folder.
  3. Search for the message - See if a message is hidden in a folder.

Other reasons why your messages may be missing

  1. Your messages were deleted on your mobile device.
    • Deleting messages from your mobile device also deletes them from your Yahoo Mail account on the web.
  2. Your messages were deleted by your external mail client.
  3. Your Yahoo account may have been compromised.

  Can't find your messages? We're often able to restore emails that have been deleted within the last 7 days. See our restore missing messages help article for more info.

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