Overview of Fantasy Football

Here’s the general rundown on playing Fantasy Football.

Take the field with Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football, a free game that gives you the chance to manage your own team of professional football players from the opening kickoff right through the late-season playoff races.

The better your players perform in real-life games, the more value they bring to your fantasy team. As the team manager, your goal is to get the best team on the field each week:

  • The first step is to build a team using the draft inside your league.
  • Then, follow your team through weekly contests based on your players' performance in their NFL games. You win or lose the "game" for the week based on your team's performance against the performance of one of the other teams in your league. During the season, you can make trades or pull from your bench to improve your team's performance.
  • Finally, set your team up to perform in the season playoff races.

In non-playoff leagues, the team with the best winning percentage wins the championship. In playoff leagues, the top teams have two or more rounds of eliminations to determine a season winner.

Relax and have fun. You can do as much or as little as you want to manage your team through each phase of the season. While you watch your team progress through the season, Yahoo does the work of gathering statistics, computing point totals, and updating standings. If you are playing in a custom league, keep in mind that your game strategy needs to follow the specific rules and choices that your commissioner makes for your league.

Here are a few articles to get you started, but feel free to browse or search for what you're looking for.

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