Effective Searches

Find exactly what you're looking for with Yahoo Search.

Guidelines using Yahoo Search

  • Specific keywords: Use specific words to describe what you're looking for. For example:
    • Try 19th century chairs instead of old furniture.
    • Use digital camera reviews instead of electronics.
    • Look out for words with more than one meaning.
      - Modeling could mean fashion modeling or clay modeling or mathematical modeling.
  • Exact phrases: Know how and when to search for exact phrases.
    • To search for an exact phrase, put quotation marks around two or more words.
    • For example, a search for "to be or not to be" returns only results containing the exact phrase inside the quotation marks.
  • Simultaneous multiple searching: Know how to perform multiple searches simultaneously.
    • If you're equally interested in two or more alternatives, use OR in capital letters.
    • For example, if you are interested in finding out about both kayaking and biking in New Zealand, search for new zealand kayaking OR biking.
  • Search Direct: Take advantage of Search Direct suggestions. If other people using Yahoo Search have performed searches similar to yours, search suggestions will appear under the "Search" box.
  • Requiring or excluding words: You can indicate words that must be in each search result or words that cannot be in each search result:
    • To require words, type + (plus) in front of each word that must be in the search result.
      - For health issues surrounding blackberries, and you mean the BlackBerry hand-held device, try blackberry health +device.
    • To exclude words, type - (hyphen or dash for minus) in front of each word cannot be in the result.
      - If you want to see pages about health issues around blackberries with no mention of the hand-held device, search for blackberries health -device.
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